Nemesia Art and Art Therapy

Artist Statement

foto van die kunstenaar

The artist and her little helper next to a painting of hers of another mother and child.

To create is to share a trait with our Divine Creator. Of course it does not compare to His masterful works. In essence, it is within all of us… we just express our creative selves differently. But how wonderful it is to experience some of it. Maybe that is why I cannot but to paint. Painting becomes an act of spontaneous worship, as I stand in awe of the unfolding of the painting. The wonder of expressive flow of form and colour beautifully coming together. And I find myself being an astonished onlooker.
Therefore, my paintings will reflect joy, love, colour and abundant life. I prefer painting people, as a face has expression, emotion and a story. I like bold and bright coloured work, as well as romantic paintings with a dream-like quality. I hope that my art will be carriers of life into homes.