Nemesia Art and Art Therapy

What is Prophetic Art?

Different definitions may be given. A prophesy is usually a life giving word to uplift or warn; as to direct an individual to change their course.

Therefore a painting is a similar visual representation. In art, I have used this concept in different ways. The paintings which are depicted here, are those which were seen either in visions or dreams.

With myself and clients I have also used the idea of prophetic art as a dream board: a desired place the person wants to be depicted visually, that will impact their life positively.

Photo of Open Heart Surgery

‘The Open Heart Surgery’

The Lord showed me that I also need open heart surgery. Initially, the vision struck me as cruel and harsh, but I realised that our hearts are at stake. If any sin, darkness or pain hides in your heart it becomes a hindrance in your unity with Jesus. And although the process seems intense, His touch is so tender - filled with an everlasting love. “If God is for us, who can be against us. If He did not spare His own Son, how much more…” Romans 8:31

Photo of My Lifeline painting

‘My lifeline’

The Lord showed me my lifeline: a mere flashing stream of light. The details of this life becomes splashes of colour. My ideals, plans and pain becomes irrelevant. Jesus next to my side is the difference within a life line. Do you walk with Him? This amazed me. In Art Therapy we have an activity called the ‘lifeline’ and usually the client depicts all the significant events of their lives. How different my lifeline looked: all the significant events only blurs of colour.